Small Plates, Big Appetite.

Who doesn’t love trying new cuisines without breaking the bank? PetitePlatesDC is a group of Georgetown graduate students bringing you the best of what the DC small plate scene has to offer. Our mission is to use our taste buds to guide us through the many tapas, mezze, and small plate menus in the District and surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for culinary inspiration or reviews of the best (or worst) spots in town, you’ve come to the right place.

Suggestions on restaurants we should try? Send us an email, or contact us on Facebook or Twitter.

About the Writers

Selma Khenissi traveled a lot as a child and was exposed to a lot of different cuisines at the dinner table. Although she decided not to pursue the culinary arts dream in high school, she is still interested in using her sensitive palate to try out new dishes. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in English and a Religious Studies minor, she discovered a desire to write professionally. She is honing her skills in Georgetown University’s M.P.S. Journalism program in order to make her words accessible to large audiences.

Paulina Kosturos earned a bachelor’s in English from the University of Mary Washington. She acquired her love of small plates from living in Athens, Greece, as well as growing up in a Greek-American family. After earning her master’s in journalism from Georgetown University, she hopes to be a travel and cultural writer.

Mansoor Razaque is a Talent Director by profession with a bachelor’s in engineering degree. Mansoor also manages an online newspaper that he started a few years ago. He has always been interested in journalism and is working on fulfilling his dream of becoming a journalist by pursuing a master’s in journalism degree. He loves traveling, is a great cook and has a passion for film-making. He plans on making a place for himself in video journalism after earning his degree.

Gwendolyn Shearman hails from North Carolina, where she earned a bachelor’s in Communication and Journalism at UNC Charlotte. Practically a foodie since birth, small plates are a very different portion size than the big plates of southern food that she’s used to, but finds they’re the best way to try new cuisine on a grad student budget. If you happen to find her stuffing her face with tapas at happy hour somewhere, feel free to join!


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