Dissatisfied with French small plates

I grew up eating a lot of French food. Examples include quiches and Niçoise salads. When I learned recently from my mother that Bread and Chocolate has a small plates section on its menu, I was pleasantly surprised. I had never heard of French small plates before.

But I noticed many international elements in that section. In general, the restaurant has a lot of French food items, but it also covers other countries in its menu. The nagging question was, how French is this going to be? Going to Bread and Chocolate’s branch in the Foggy Bottom area, I got my answer. The menu is still a little disorganized, so if you want mesclun salad or some form of a quiche, general manager Eugene Kouadio said that those are still small plates. The audio interview is mostly in French, which you can listen to here. However, I also provided a translation of the interview: Translated interview for French small plates blog post.

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