A wine and tapas lounge with a twist

I happened to stumble upon Chimole Wine & Tapas lounge when my wife and I were out for an early evening stroll in downtown Leesburg in Northern Virginia. Since I had to write a tapas restaurant review for the class, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and and sample the food. What also interested me was that it was next to an Art Gallery with the same name. So we walked in to check it out.

Since it was a weeknight, the place was empty. We were very graciously greeted by a hostess who seated us. My wife doesn’t partake in alcohol and I only sample it occasionally so we usually do not order wine or beer and get right away to food after asking for iced water. We did the same this time. The food menu was not very extensive so it was quite easy for us to quickly make our choices.

We ordered Beef Empanadas Tapas, seafood ceviche and Turkey Meatballs Tapas which was the special.

While we were waiting for our food to arrive, the owner Yovanna Reiser came over and introduced herself to us. While chatting with her, we found out that she is an expatriate from Honduras. She opened an art gallery in August 2012 in Leesburg featuring art and crafts from Honduras and then expanded her business by opening the wine and tapas lounge offering Latin American Cuisine just last year.

She uses authentic latin American recipes in her restaurant and an interesting tidbit we heard was that she tends the bar herself. Although I wanted to keep chatting with the lady, our food had started arriving and my wife was hungry.

We sampled the ceviche first which was delicious. It was Sea Bass & Shrimps ceviche marinated with Cilantro, Red onions, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers, and citric juices. The beef empanadas were good as well as the turkey meatballs topped with gravy and served with couscous.

But the best part was the dessert, we finished off our meal with the Chimole Tres Leches which was outstanding. We probably would have ordered another one if we had room for it in our stomachs.

Overall, the food tasted excellent and it’s presentation was great. The portion sizes were smaller than the usual small plates but filling enough for us.


After dinner, we also toured the art gallery which was an interesting experience. All art and other items sold at the gallery are imported from Honduras and represent the latin American culture

The restaurant’s décor itself was cozy and tasetful with art from Honduras featured on the walls inside the restaurant. The front area had a bar and several tables with 2 small rooms in the back for private parties. It also had a cigar patio in the back, outside.  The lounge also showcases live music that starts around 6:30 in the evening on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Overall I believe it’s a great addition to the Leesburg downtown’s dining experience.

Price Range: $5 – $15

Location: 10 South King Street, Leesburg, VA.